The staff

Gabriele Calvetto

Solicitor Gabriele Calvetto was born in Milan on 25th January 1970 and graduated in Law from Università Statale di Milano.
After having practised in leading law firms in Milan, he founded his own firm in Milan.
Solicitor Calvetto soon realised that the independence characterising the profession of a lawyer needs to be accompanied by professionalism, organisation and technology.


Giuliana Lessi

Solicitor Giuliana Lessi was born in Milan on 18th July 1970 and graduated in Law from Università Statale di Milano (Milan) in 1995.
She then acquired significant knowledge in market development working in an eminent communications company; there, she specialised in strategic consulting for Operational Marketing Policy and in trade-related communications activities.
Giuliana Lessi joined this Law Firm in 2004. She is mainly in charge with credit collection for the Law Firm's client companies. Moreover, she is responsible for the coordination of back office activities within the Law Firm.